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Subject: Rhododendron Walking Festival – Feedback

Attention: Mr Liam Flemming

Hi Liam,

Hope you are well and we met when I attended your wonderful Rhododendron festival in early June. I said I would come back to you with some feedback and apologise it has taken so long.

There is something special, even spiritual, mystical and magical about trekking mountain passes with a group of friends that you have never met before, for no good reason other than the pleasure of being there. This is the essence of a walking festival where all shades are represented – nominally sport but there are few competitors, save the challenge of the mountain among the chattering vocal chords and miles of mountain smiles. Nothing gets close to experiencing rural Ireland like a walking festival where the feel good factor keeps on getting better.

A hugely uplifting experience like this does not exactly happen by chance. There is an army of volunteers, linked to the unsung heroes of the local walking club to ensure that everything runs to plan. Over the past 10 years, I have been privileged to participate in many walking festivals in Ireland – predominantly east coast from the Antrim to Waterford. All festivals have their charm but this year I experienced something extraordinary – your Rhododendron Festival in Cloheen. South Tipperary must be one of the best kept secrets in Ireland for sheer beauty, tranquillity, heritage and culture. The view from the Knockmealdowns over the Golden Vale is breath taking from the Vee – magic enchants the air as you inhale the soft Rhododendron vista, against a backdrop of fields that produce the finest milk and dairy products in the world.

And that’s just for starters. Add in the warmth of the Cloheen welcome and people; the superb festival organisation with professional guides to ensure safety and information at all times in an easy supportive manner; the attention to detail with emergency telephone stickers and strategically placed refreshment stops along the way; the website that includes pictures and descriptions as well as ordinance survey maps so choosing a trail is a pleasant experience for all levels of fitness; the protestant church for lunch with flower arrangements, stained glass window, live music, real delph and cutlery, delicious food with five star service – the uplifting ambience and decor complete the show that cancels lunch for a full-blown banquet!

I could go on and please forgive me if you allow one small item for your suggestion box. You are doing so much right that you have much to protect. Food on the second day did not quite match the first. Double the price, keep your standards, it’s still cheap and your treasure will last forever!

Kind regards and thank you until we meet again next year.

Jim Moran


Sunset Walk 2022

Your comments on the event

Really enjoyed the walk. It was so well organised, the commumication email and texts were so informative. The refreshments in the barn were superb, reall enjoed the music and chat. Well done to all the organisers, it was a credit to you all. Lights on way back to car were lovely, was just first class well done., Veronica Boland

Brilliant walk and what a bonus to get the fabulous sunset

Super organised, all the steward’s really helpful & friendly, the walk & sunset really magical.

Many thanks to everyone involved in organising the Sunset Walk. Had a lovely evening, post walk event in the barn was lovely – will be back again hopefully.


Lovely evening, gorgeous sunset, rhododendrons in bloom and to finish in the barn. Well done all

As always a great experience due to the massive work done behind the scenes.

Well done to the amazing team, who made the walk possible.

Very enjoyable a lovely walk

Very well organised

It was a marvellous walk Very well organised All the people who were in charge were so friendly helpful and good laugh Well done to you all I’ll be back The sun came out just as we were on the top and the sunset was magnificent A hidden gem Who needs to travel far to see such a delightful scenery

really enjoyable. The guides in particular were lovely

First time doing but not the last. Really enjoyed it. It was challenging enough for me but a lovely route. Volunteers were lovely and so were the ladies at the end and the cake. Fab night all round, well done.

Absolutely fantastic, great work do e by the organisers, fantastic, hoghly recommend it

t was extremely well run, plenty parking, toilet facilities, after walk refreshments, check in and out desks. For me the most outstanding part was the stewarts. Each one was helpful and as nice as the next one and that made the walk a thousand times more special..

Really well organized, lovely route, lots of volunteers. Great evening! Tea and cake in the barn was lovely

It was brilliant, lovely. Very enjoyable and well organised. Well done to the organisers who had clearly put in a lot of effort.

Brilliant evening with friends, speculariar sunset, priceless

Beautiful walk, the evening flew. What a sunset we got! Thanks for a lovely, enjoyable evening.

Fabulous event, well done to all involved. Everyone we met was so friendly and cheerful it was an absolute pleasure to take part.

Very well organised and nice relaxed atmosphere. Lovely setting. Would definitely recommend to others and would do it again.

Excellent in every way

A very special evening, thank you to all for making it happen.

An excellent walk, we’ll organised by lovely people who welcomed Ilya with open arms. Timing was perfect and we’ll be back next year.

Excellent! Beautiful evening

Very well organised


Where could we improve bearing in mind it’s a voluntary organisation

It was excellent from start to finish including the cow welcoming us to the barn!!

Walk 10 out of 10 on all levels.

Just keep doing what you’re doing, no need to change anything.

No need to fix what’s not broken

I can’t see anything needing improvement. It a fabulous team of volunteers

From my experience – nothing.

Get it out how fabulous the area is

job well done in my opinion

I was looking for a voluntary tip jar at the end for the ladies with the cakes – I think the fee is for the route, signage etc but it would be nice to give thanks to the ladies making cakes and giving coffee at the end. I thoroughly enjoyed the night.

Nothing, so well organised, u couldnt do more well done to all involved. Was a great evening Veronica Boland

Frankly I can’t think if anything. Seems like you guys have covered EVERYTHING.

No improvement needed!

I’m not sure. I think you got it about right 😊

Everything was amazing from beginning to end

If it’s not broke don’t fix it.. .

No improvement needed.

The whole event was just super

Ye are doing great


Sugarloaf Walk 2022

Your comments on the event

fantastic event, great stewards, and lovely community spirit at the end with tasty food, and the traditional music added a lovely local touch. Well done to all involved.

Very enjoyable thank you! Will definitely sign up for another local one

Excellent overall

The festival was fantastic. Congratulations to everyone involved. With regards to the loop. The distance and incline were no problem but I found the overall pace too quick. Until the break, the entire group was moving as one at a pace that I found to be very fast and difficult to sustain. I felt that was holding everyone up as we were all moving as one unit. If it is possible to have different groups within the walk e.g. fast, medium, slow from early on I think that would be a really good idea. But again, amazing walking festival.

Most enjoyable in all aspects

Great event, well organised, really wasn’t expecting the dinner and beautiful decorated hall after, felt like walking into a wedding and bring very undressed and sweaty 🤣

Really enjoyable day. Personally I would like to go to one of the peaks during the walk. Something about getting to the top. I probably have an issue to deal with there but a small thing on a great day

One comment is that I felt the pace a bit too quick with no time to admire the view/take a photo – just an observation not a criticism – really enjoyed the whole experience

Lovely walk, very well organised, and lovely food and music to finish it off . Well done to all involved. Thank you.

Well done to the vigilant organisers who guided us on the walk & well done to the imaginative & creative hospitality committee for dressing the Hall and tables beautifully and the yummy food.Once we passed through the gate , the fun planting displays, wreathes, frame for photos,all pleasing to the eye.Well done to the talented musicians and dancers.It was more than a walk, it was an event.A wonderful sense of community.Thank you.!🙏

Very well organised, excellent in every way just a bit disappointed didn’t go up the sugarloaf

Fantastic event, well done to all involved

Thanks to you all for the brilliant organisation, the welcome and the lovely food and music

very well organised, but i would expect nothing else from this group. I have never been let down.

A really fantastic day out. Volunteers were helpful and friendly. Dinner after was a treat

Great Day very well organised from start to finish

Great day all round very well organised. well done to all involved

Very well organised event guides and stewards were excellent and the refreshments were excellent

Fantastic day out, I really enjoyed it. Well organized

Well done! Enjoyed walk immensely

Excellent walk perhaps a bit more info on distance left to end point particularly near the back end of walk, but not a deal breaker


Where could we improve bearing in mind it’s a voluntary organisation

Keep doing as you are amazing volunteers

Can’t think of anything

No improvement needed

Everything else was fantastic. The hall was spectacular. The food was glorious. The people of Clogheen outdid themselves!!!!

Slow down the pace at the front..keep the group together.

In my opinion it’s so well organised, it would be difficult to say where it would need improvement

Keep up the great work!

You can do no more

There doing a good job, brilliant volunteers.

Simply stay as wonderful as you are ! 👏👍

Excellent in every way couldn’t find fault with the group of volunteers

Not a thing i can think of

it’s not broken so no need to fix it

Maybe not have the lunch break at the top, it got cold very quickly, a little lower might offer shelter

I didn’t think there was any for improvement

Doing a great job

No improvements

Not sure improvement is necessary


Family Day 2022

Your comments on the event

It was a most enjoyable family event. Very well organised. Kronor the clown was so popular with all of the children. The food was excellent.

Very well organised and run with excellent volunteers

It was excellent all around. One of the best family activities I have attended. Will definitely attend next year.

All ran smoothly thanks to a highly experienced and motivated team

Great event & delighted to see it back. We walked with 3 kids. 7 & 5 year olds managed easily. Youngest in buggy. Kids loved the activities and entertainment – lots of smiles and enthusiasm! Even getting the bus back was exciting! Thank you for a fab family day out.

We loved this event. Went with 4 children 3,4,7,9. They had a fantastic morning. The stewards were fantastic and you had so many well done. Will look forward to this event next year. Great being able to have great days out on our doorstep& children attending free is fantastic

Really enjoyable, so well organized and all the organizers and purple jacket Stewarts were so friendly and helpful. The kids had an absolute ball with the orienteering and the entertainer. It was so safe to let kids run around and have fun with other kids at the duck pond. I would do it again in a heart beat and would recommend it to so many more friends to take part in something like this again. Thanks for organizing so much fun for an outdoor healthy bank holiday Monday event 😊.

Brilliant family day out. The kids loved it

Very enjoyable experience and so glad we were able to go. Thank you.

Lovely day but the burgers were undercooked and over priced.

Beautiful walk , very well organised. Could of done with few more tables or chairs

Well done to the Rodedendrom Walking Festival Committee on very well organised walk and family fun day at Duck Ponds, Very enjoyable day, Thank you Maurice Fehilly & Family


Where could we improve bearing in mind it’s a voluntary organisation

An event suitable for older children ie 12, 13 years olds would be good.

I can’t see how it could be improved


No room for improvement

Keep doing what you do. Volunteers were all so friendly, helpful and proactive. Activities were great, and age appropriate. A lovely fun day with our kids in a gorgeous setting. Great job!

Loved the morning to be honest

Nothing comes to mind.

We thought it was a perfect way to spend the bank holiday! No improvement needed.

I couldn’t suggest any improvements

Extra food truck, no barbecue. Maybe some music for kids to dance to etc

Few more tables or even chairs

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